San Jose/Newpoint Partnership

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San Jose Academy and San Jose Preparatory High School accepted the voluntary termination of their charter school management which was provided by Newpoint Education Partners on June 23, 2016. Newpoint offered to terminate their agreement with our schools as they determined it would be in the best interest of the schools, the students, and the families who attend and love our schools. The management agreements will terminate effective June 30, 2016.

During the time that Newpoint managed San Jose Academy and San Jose Preparatory High School, Newpoint met the needs of the schools by providing us with all the support and management services needed to successfully open our schools and develop our schools into an excellent option for the community. Newpoint’s support included educational resources, quality leadership, instructional support and a great group of highly qualified teachers.

Newpoint’s has enabled the schools to improve their school grades and allowed the students to achieve learning gains. In addition, Newpoint provided our schools with financial support including advancing cash to cover payroll when needed and deferring their management fees, all to ensure the school would survive and then thrive as we have done. As part of their offer to terminate the management agreement, Newpoint has agreed to forgive obligations related to the financial support they provided our schools as a further gesture of their interest in the success of our great schools.

We appreciate all the support Newpoint provided and the positive impact Newpoint has had on our schools. We look forward to continued success at San Jose Academy and San Jose Preparatory High School.